The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I could easily fill out the latter two categories on a daily basis with sightings or occurrences. The first, however, is one I tend to take for granted and need to put more effort into. So, Saturday afternoon’s episode:

The Good: My two boys taking their grape-flavored cough syrup with no fuss whatsoever. They are 7 and 10. It was such a shock to not be greeted with the usual drama that I am tempted to order out for a DNA test. Are these my children?

The Bad: La Trattoria, the local little Italian restaurant in Santee, closed. It was a nice family-owned place, good food, nice service. Didn’t have a full bar, which was a shame to a martini drinker such as myself, but did offer decent wines. They could have used a good garlic bread appetizer and shrimp pasta dishes always came out a little watery, sauce-wise, but everything else was tasty and they gave it a good effort. I was sorry to see it go under.

The Ugly: Shopping at Target. I never shop at Wal-Mart because the clientele usually scare me. Target is starting to attract the same crowd, or maybe there are just more of them. Lumpy, shapeless, very large, slow-moving, self-absorbed people wandering through the aisles, blocking a path that could normally hold three humans by standing there and gaping at whatever crap it is they really don’t need to be buying and/or putting into their already overly large stomachs. Ugh.


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Looking to live a life less ordinary. Join me on the journey if you wish.
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