The Good, the Bad, and the WTF?

Today’s episode …

The Good: Having lunch with my good friend Lori. I haven’t seen her in ages. We worked together from 1997-2004 through thick and thin and psychotic at Agouron/Pfizer. We’re both out of work – her currently, me on my 60-days’ layoff notice with 30 days left to go. We’ve been here before. You work in biotech in San Diego, these things happen frequently. Trouble is, it does get old. At any rate, it was wonderful to see her, it has been too long. She gave me a gift over a lunch, a collectible Barbie doll she’d gotten for me a couple years back as a Christmas gift and kept forgetting to give to me whenever we would meet up, it’s the 2006 Holiday Barbie by Bob Mackie (which I wanted!). I emailed her after I got back to the office to thank her for it again, and told her how good she looked, too. She wrote the nicest thing back to me. Her email said, “You are the beautiful one, my sweet. I just wish you knew what you really have to offer to a solid loving relationship. It may sound corny, but I hear your pain even when you don’t want to admit it is in you. I’ve known you too long to not know the real YOU.” Wow. It really always astonishes me when someone actually sees me. I mean really sees me for what I think I am vs. what I project of myself (or even what I try to hide, in many cases). Reading that brought tears to my eyes but they were good tears.

The Bad: Finding out just how much the CEO of our South Dakota company was paying his fresh-out-of-college daughter to be a salesperson when she had no experience whatsoever – was only a grand less per year (not counting her bonuses and benefits, mind you) than what I make … and I’ve been in biotech for over 12 years and out in the working world since 1985. Made me ill. It is small consolation that he’s been fired given that I’ve lost my job as well as a result of his incompetence and lousy money management – not enough left in the bank to make payroll for everyone, so even though I had a three-year contract, poof! there it goes. So much for that security I was counting on, and needed.

The WTF: Sitting down to lunch at Red Robin and watching the foursome sit down across the aisle from us. When you are so heavy and large that you literally have to squeeze yourself in between the edge of the table and the back of the booth’s bench, don’t you think that tells you something? It definitely told me to stick to a salad. Ugh. I ate half and didn’t take the leftovers home, namely because the dressing would have just made it soggy, although it was delicious. I watched the large woman literally scraping the remnants off everyone else’s plate at her table into a couple of take-out boxes and mentally renewed my vow to find a cause worthy enough to make me go on a hunger strike. Or just swallow a tapeworm.


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