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I Really Wanna Know …

Thinking of The Who’s “Who Are You” song this evening, which I mostly know as the theme song to CSI, even though I haven’t watched that in eons. Never was a big fan of the Who – nothing against their … Continue reading

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And now, a massage from the Swedish Prime Minister

For some reason the term “massage” always makes me think of the above subject line from a Monty Python skit; then again, there are many things in my life that I end up equating to a Monty Python skit. So … Continue reading

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Sittin’ in the lap of laxity …

You know me, I always need to make a pun out of something. Hence this post is dual-purposes – my life of luxury (NOT) and my ligament laxity the orthopedist just told me about the other day. Sometimes I don’t … Continue reading

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